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Tradebit Payloadz e-junkie SellDownloadsEasy thePennyStore Review

Do you sell Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded?

What service are you using?

Other than, ebay & amazon, I was doing some research and review on some of the services I found. Namely, Tradebit Payloadz e-junkie SellDownloadsEasy thepennystore

If you have others that you would like me to add, pls leave a message to me.

(1) e-junkie

We can sell product here.
We can resell their service for a commission.

We can be an affiliate of other sellers' products
Eg I am reselling this Amazon Tiny URL link creator and they provide us a quote that generate a "Buy Now" button like the below

(ii) thePennyStore.com

well, i guess it a new kids in the block.
i have registered and tried the vendor/seller features, very immature, guess still under dev.

also need to use their currency, abit troublesome.
one thing to note is that the service is free of charge.

might return in future to check it out.
in the time being, you can forget about it.

(iii) TradeBit.com

Its a monthly-subscription-based file-selling-host.

The accounts start at US$3.95 monthly, which include 0.5 Gigabytes of storage and go up to 9.95 for 5 Gigabytes.

If you do not want to pay a monthly fee, here is the deal:

Open a Publisher Account for free

Publisher Account (Note : PAYPAL SALES ONLY - not for file hosting)
- allows you to sell your files for free ( PDF, MP3, DOC ... )
- they claimed that its one of the worlds largest download malls! ( really? huh..)
- Up to 99 Gigabytes storage
- Bi-monthly payouts to paypal only ( wow! thats very long man, what r u doin w our $ )
- Only 15% commission ( 15% commission?! only? )
- Professional setup ( can take your codes around and use the affiliate program )

Other income opportunities from Tradebit :
You can resell Tradebit Hosting, for every signup, the affiliate gets a commission, even for the trial periods. A lead commission of US$2 is paid for all merchant sign-ups!

Commissions rates start at 75%, but you need to have a shareAsale account.

Also, you can resell Tradebit Music Downloads, MP3 downloads. Again, you need a shareAsale account. eg Start Download Legal Mp3 Music Here!

(iv) Payloadz

Digital Goods eCommerce service for anyone to sell intangible goods online

Two charging model
(i) Flat monthly fees charge based on your total transacted amount
(ii) 15% sales commission charge, zero monthly fees

Payloadz features include :-
- Secure File Storage on our Servers
- Automated File Delivery
- Digital Auctions on eBay, Yahoo!, and Amazon
- Product Import via Spreadsheet
- Detailed Tracking and Sales Statistics
- Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
- Protected File Storage On Our Servers
- Affiliate Builder System (Affiliate System)
- Product Key Delivery and Registration System
- Support for six currencies (US$, C$, Euro, Pound Sterling, AU$, Yen)
- PayPal Micropayment Support
- Google Checkout payment system

Other means of earning money thru Payloadz
By the way, you earn USD3.50 per new referred sign up.
If you like what you see, and read, sign up here , and let Payloadz buy me a cup of coffee :)

Be an affiliate seller of existing user's product
Eg :
Merchant: Superfreaker Studios
Name: JumpAds Text Ad System
Price: $75.00
Affiliate Fee : $20
Product/Affiliate URL : http://doiop.com/Superfreaker_Studios

(v) Selldownloadseasy

Sell Downloads Easy (SDE) helps user to sell digital goods securely through Moneybookers and PayPal by facilitating instant and automatic downloads, while providing secure server storage for our products and saving our traffic costs.

Upon registration, we can test our service for two days. If we are satisfied, we can continue by contracting any of their packages.. ( start from USD5 per month onwards )

So, I tried to signup and upload some photos which i taken - very beautiful wallpaper scenery of Summer @ hokkaido

Indeed, very user friendly, fast and simple.

12 beautiful scenery Wallpapers
Paypal Download Link for this product: http://www.selldownloadseasy.com/gateway/pay.php?sell=1256
(Note : this link will only valid for 2 days from 20070710)

Other means of generating income from SellDownloadsEasy is to become their affiliate
Eg :
Tsplayer is a website selling Flash Music Player in which they use SDE service to manage buyer payment&download, also using SDE to manage affiliate signup.

check it out here > http://www.tsplayer.com/?acode=17873


tradebit said...

hey, thanks for the article, but you got one thing wrong:

the publisher account with the 15% commission for us is just for the people who do not want to pay a monthly fee and 15% is not as much as our competition takes.

our packages start with 59 cents...

Shrimphead said...

thanks tradebit for the update!

David & Goliath Music said...

WARNING!!!! Do NOT use Tradebit!!!! They have a new model and manipulate your sales. They actually take 25% of your sales. This is WAY more than Payloadz. Best case scenario is to host your own files. Pay yourself.

Shrimphead said...

hi david, thanks for the info! ( anyone can verify? )

exposeTheRipoffMerchants said...

Looks like tradebit do indeed take 25% for 'free' accounts. That's a price increase of over 87% (not the 66.6% it might seem and certainly not 10% that some math-challenged people might think).

How come?

To make one dollar at 15% you had to sell for 1.18. Now to make a dollar you have to sell for 1.33. So it used to cost you 18 cents for each dollar in your pocket. Now it's 33 cents - over 87% more.

Cut/paste from www.tradebit.com/layouts/sellfiles.php:

You can use YOUR PayPal account, we do not charge ANYTHING additionally on your sale! As an alternative you may use our publisher account for a fee of 25% sales commission.

am said...

Agree with David. DO NOT USE Tradebit!

I'd like to share with you my experienc as a buyer and seller.

At one time I purchased a software from them and the software is actually a trial software. I emailed to the seller who sells the item but got no response. I then open a ticket to their support team. You know what? Here is their answer ( from Sacha Ring )--"In this case we are just the hoster,please contact the merchant directly if you have problem with the downloaded software". I emailed again saying I already contacted merchant but no reply, and here's what I get " In this case we are just the hoster,please contact the merchant directly if you have problem with the downloaded software". I was so frustrated that I don't even bother to email back. They don't even bother to offer for help.

My friend had tried his luck as a seller with them. After a few months he was shock to an email saying his account has been deleted. When he send an email to support here's what he get " We do not discuss deleted account on tradebit". He emailed again to know why his account is deleted and the same cut and paste answer from support. Finally he got an email address from their forum for a guy named Ralf ( I think he is the owner ). Ralf said his account was deleted due to copyright infringement. My friend was shock as he only sells article that he bought with MRR from tradebit itself! So he asked Ralf what item is violating the copyright? Ralf just kept saying he has copyright violation but never mention anything about the item. And you know what? He deleted the account when it came close to payout day! My friend did ask for his money and this is what he get " We do not refund deleted account". It's a ripped off!. Stop it Ralf,unless the merchant is selling pirated software or music at least pay the merchant before you delete their account. But what else can you do...the money is already in their account.

I also saw other post somewhere that tradebit deleted her account just because she post a bad comment on a blog due to support never responded to her emails!

Bottom line it's better to host your own file.

Optimist said...

yeah Tradebit sucks, Ralf delete my account just because I list my product a few times with different prices and he never pay my money after deleting my account! he's just so arrogant

Bryan said...

Check out our site BitBuffet.com for an alternative to PayLoadz. With BitBuffet.com you can sell files just like normal with PayPal, but they handle the automatic delivery and hosting. You also get your money directly into YOUR PayPal account so you don't have to deal with waiting for the vendor to release funds or pay any sort of commissions.

Hit us up at contact at bitbuffet dot com and we might be able to give you a few months free!

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