Monday, July 9, 2007

(TinyURL Alternative) Next generation contextual-keyword-aware short-tiny-url link redirection

For long url link redirection using short-tiny-url link services, I believe a lot of us using services, and was satisfied with it for sometime....

However, i was wishing for it to improved to a more meaningful, context & keyword aware type of short url.

Thus, I was doing some research and found the following 2 very useful tools for us to shorten our url and referal links.

So, forget about,,,,,,,,,

I highly recommend everyone to try out the next generation contextual-keyword-aware short-tiny-url link redirection like and


kilkenny said...

Check out:

TraceURL shortens any URL plus it tracks traffic to the page through the TraceURL shortened web site address, showing where the traffic originated. This can be a useful tool for anyone trying to track which promotional tactics are working the best. Count accesses and have the origin of the visitor displayed on a Google Map.

Anonymous said...

Nice screenshots, but I missed *why* you recommend these sites over tinyurl et al. (or maybe I just don't understand what benefits the mega-hyphenated-words provide). Also, do they all work roughly the same? Thanks.

Shrimphead said...

tinyurl generate *random alphanumeric* url.

As for those that i recommend, you have the freedom to input your own *keyword* url

As a result, you and your reader can remember the short url easily.

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