Friday, June 13, 2008

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Free Adsense Ready Blogger XML Template (TOP 10)

After many hours of scanning through the internet, these are my carefully selected quality "Free TOP 10 Blogspot Blogger Templates"

They belong to their respective owners. I am just sharing, trying out the templates and sharing my 2cents here.

They are :
Adsense Ready
3 column style
Nice and Professional looking

Good job to the original creator, subsequent modifier etc ;-)

Top # 1
Adsense Ready Blogger Template
Example 1 :

Top #2
Business Blue

Download Demo Original Source

Top #3
Green Marinee

Demo Download

Top #4

Minyx 2.0

Download Demo Original Source

Top #5

Blogy - Dilectio

Download Demo

Blogy - O2 Download Demo

Download Demo Source

Blue Blog

Demo RAR XML TXT Script JQuery Script Tab youtube Source

Blogger Statement Template

Demo RAR XML TXT Logo PSD Script Date Script Tabber Installation Source

Red Web 2.0 Style template

Demo Download

Andreas04 Blogger Beta Template

Demo Download Source

Others :
Adsense Template
Nice Themes
Free 3 column Blogger Templates

Some good collection of XML Blogger Templates

Nice Clean 3 columns Blogger Template ( without adsense )

3 Columns Adsense Blogger XML Templates Adsense Ready Blogger XML

Three Column Blogger Beta (for Adsense)

K2 Modified Adsense Ready Blogger Template

Tech Bold
Blogger Templates
Beautiful Beta
BlogSpot Templates
Blogger Templates Blog
Web Talks
Final Sense
Blogger Buster
Blogger Themes
B themes
Free Themes
Blogger Talk
Themes for blogger
Themes 110
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