Friday, January 16, 2009

Submit URL and Sitemap to Google Yahoo Search Engine

(1) What is meta



(4) Submit URL

(5) SEO info

(6) Submit sitemap to MSN

Whilst MSN have yet to implement a front door, there is a recognised back door for submitting your sitemap to the MSN Search index; namely! You should use the following syntax directly in your browser URL box:

Note that, whilst MSN still do not support direct submission, they do suggest on their blog that you add a reference to your Sitemap into your robots.txt file (something now supported by For example:

User-agent: * Sitemap: Disallow: /cgi-bin/

This would tell MSN (and all other engines) to crawl your sitemap file but not to crawl your cgi-bin directory. For more info on how to implement a robots.txt file (in the root of your site webserver) please visit:

(7) Submit sitemap to Google

Validate your sitemap before submit to google at


(8) Submit sitemap to Yahoo

(9) Submit sitemap to Ask

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