Sunday, April 20, 2008

Top Credit Card Processing

Some of the top credit card processing companies :-

[Google Checkout]
Available in US and UK only

Overview : Intro of Website Payments Standard, Comparison, Pricing
Availability : Malaysia and Internationally
Notes :
Receive payments from more than 150 million accounts worldwide
Sell to customers in 190 countries using 17 currencies
Withdrawal Fund To : Visa Credit Card or Visa Electron Debit Card
Processing Time : 5~8 Business Days
Charges : USD5
Minimum Withdrawal Amounts :
Australian Dollars $15.00 AUD
Canadian Dollars $15.00 CAD
Czech Koruna 240.00 CZK
Danish Krone 60.00 DKK
Euros €10.00 EUR
Hong Kong Dollars $80.00 HKD
Hungarian Forint 2,100 HUF
New Zealand Dollars $15.00 NZD
Norwegian Krone 65.00 NOK
Polish Zloty 30.00 PLN
Pounds Sterling £6.00 GBP
Singapore Dollars $15.00 SGD
Swedish Krona 80.00 SEK
Swiss Francs 13.00 CHF
U.S. Dollars $10.00 USD
Yen ¥1,000 JPY

Others : ( checkout their reseller list )
Paynet Systems
Merchant Express
Total Merchant Services
Merchant Warehouse
Merchant Accounts Express
Electronic Transfer Inc
Merchant Credit Card
E-Commerce Exchange
Total Merchant Services

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Credir card processing said...

credit card processing services are those which provides fraud and security protection by utilizing modern encryption technology. credit card processing service would have a high customer approval rate and process applications quickly, They should also provide 24-hour customer support and offer online features for convenient account management. By this credit card processing services company can quickly process transactions and increase sales
immediately.I am very thankful to you for giving such an interesting information on credit card services.

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